Amy Blankson
Amy Blankson

Amy Blankson Chief Evangelist, Digital Wellness Institute,
Best Selling Author, 2x Point of Light Award Winner

Happy employees work smarter and stay longer.

How do we help our people reach that level?
We teach them to play The Joy Game

Amy Blankson Chief Evangelist, Digital Wellness Institute, Best Selling Author, 2x Point of Light Award Winner

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How does the Joy Game lead to more happiness at work?

When each person in your organization is empowered to move beyond their limiting beliefs, embrace a positive view of the future, and make happiness a top priority, you’ve reinforced a culture that leads to less turnover, higher engagement, and more connected leaders.

So, how do we play the game?

  • It all starts with recognizing that joy isn’t a matter of circumstance, it’s a matter of choice.
  • Next, we experiment to discover new ways to level up and get where we want to go.
  • Finally, we figure out what we need to do to make happiness a prioritized part of our routine, every single day.
The end game?

A world in which we get to choose our health, work, AND joy—without sacrificing any of them.

Let Amy show you how.

Without exaggeration, that was one of the most impactful presentations I have ever experienced. I loved your tips and strategies. For once, my brain was thinking, “I can do that!” rather than, “Those ideas would be nice if I had the time.” I’m really inspired to take what I learned forward.
Hansel Pham
Hansel Pham
Partner, White & Case Law Firm
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Amy Blankson

About Amy Blankson

Amy is a happiness expert, the Co-Founder and Chief Evangelist of the Digital Wellness Institute, and the author of the bestselling book, The Future of Happiness.

Amy was selected to be a member of the UN Global Happiness Council, is the only person to have ever received a Point of Light Award from two U.S. Presidents, and has over 15 years experience leading teams in how to convert stress into joy.

Growing up playing with the strobe light in her dad’s neuroscience lab at Baylor University, Amy learned from an early age how tiny experiments and micro habits can make life a lot better.

Then, during a summer internship with the United Way in Gulfport, Hurricane Katrina hit. She lost her dog, home, and community in a matter of hours.

For a while, she felt like EVERYTHING was happening to her. But then, she realized—we have the power to choose how we want to be defined by these moments.

Today, Amy is a keynote speaker who helps audiences reconnect with their source of joy, and build micro-habits that help them sustain happiness at work. The result?

Better engagement. More connected leaders. And people who feel empowered to contribute their best.

How to Play the Joy Game:

Build Momentum With an Actionable Keynote

Instantly applicable insights about:

  • The future of happiness at work
  • Micro habits for major happiness
  • How to go from burnout to joy

Reclaim Productivity & Wellbeing in the Digital Era

Amy’s ready-to-redeploy digital wellness solutions:

  • Increase engagement
  • Address burnout
  • Improve tech-life balance
Amy is a gifted speaker who knows her subject matter very well. She presents in a way that everyone can not only understand, but also relate to. She has an ease about her and a glow… She is genuine.
Kimberly Habash Dorniden
Kimberly Habash Dorniden
President & National Executive Director, Siemer Institute

Pessimism comes from the belief that what you do won’t make a difference. Optimism is the belief that your behavior matters.

The Future of Happiness Book

The Future of Happiness
"Volumes have been written about how bad technology can be for us, but Amy Blankson is the first author I've seen to lay out a simple, achievable path to explain how to stay grounded and balanced in the digital era."
Laszlo Bock
Former Head of People Operations at Google, Bestselling Author Work Rules!
5 Modern Strategies for Balancing Productivity and Wellbeing in the Digital Era, including:
  • How to stay grounded to increase your productivity
  • How apps can help you reach your potential
  • How to train your brain to be habitually optimistic

Technology is supposedly improving our productivity, efficiency, and communication. The one thing it’s NOT doing is making us happier.

We’re experiencing historically high levels of depression and dissatisfaction—but, we can change that.

How do we navigate the future to achieve a better balance between technology, productivity, and wellbeing?

In this book, Amy unveils five strategies successful individuals can use—not just to survive, but actually thrive in the Digital Age.

The Future of Happiness Workbook

An action-packed workbook designed as a guide to accompany The Future of Happiness book—designed to help you on your journey to creating more positive digital habits.

  • Take back control of your life
  • Manage your screen time
  • Create space to reflect